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February 11, 2008


Love the pics! Especially the shoes and luggage combo story about the gal lost on love but decked out in leopard print...oh and Venus partnered with a sweet baby face. You have such a knack for writing, I can hear you talking and giggling as I read your words. Enjoyed.

I love the picture of that girl's shoes and luggage. The story behind it is neat and at the same time unnerving!

Love the shoes and the story!

Is she not just the cutest little girl? Love the new pottery, Jon! And loved the bus stories. Too funny. Seeing that sunshine makes me so desperate for warm weather!

No way - I remember Dan. What is his last name again? We met him in middle school right? Wow. That is great that you are all still friends. That's cool...very cool. You had a great trip it looks like. Nice!

You have more style than a mid 90's hip-hop artist...

That sounds like a perfect weekend. My heart is still racing from looking at Jon's website. That's the first I've seen it and I absolutely LOVE those little works of art. Great photos on your blog, as usual. I enjoyed reading about the bus people! Also the photo of the leopard airport girl.

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