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January 14, 2008


Hi Heather... I love the booth.. Great job on the wedding show :) ~erwin

Thanks everyone for your kind words on the booth! I've been getting a lot of phone calls so I think other people liked it to! I love hearing about what words people HATE! Jon couldn't remember his....but then last night I was making soup and added cauliflower to it (which he was NOT excited about) and later he was watching UFC fighting and the guy had a cauliflower ear and then he realized he hates the word Cauliflower! Add it to the list.

Heather, your booth is so beautiful. I remember meeting you at the Bellevue show last year and loving your photos. Now I love them even more! Thank you thank you thank you for doing such an amazing job with our wedding. I would hire you again in a heartbeat.

p.s. I am with Sue on the word moist. If you want to ruin a noun, describe it as moist. Yuuuucky.

Gorgeous booth. No. GORGEOUS!

I dislike the words surreal and lucid. I love the words slacks and guava. They're fun so say. Try it. Put your mouth into it.

I hate the word gravy. The booth looks great. We have a wedding expo over here this month. I wish you were at it.

Your booth is Loc'd. Yes, I said Loc'd (if for some reason you missed the 80's hip-hop scene entirely, ask me about my word of choice at the next PUG, or sooner). I hate the words fabulous, chic, cabaret, and anything else that's almost exclusively said to sound way too refined! I have always hated it when people throw unnecessary S's onto the ends of, "Boeings", "Cosctcos" etc. Here's a great one though...a totally underused gem from the old school: "WORD."


SO CUTE! Your booth is very you Heather. I love it and I would want to hire you if I saw this booth! I hate the words moist and clogged. Those two words have made me gag for years.

LOVE your booth! I'm going to link to this, if you don't mind :)

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