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August 23, 2010


Wow Heather. That's awesome. I've always wanted to draw and paint. Well, I actually have drawn and painted a lot... just not anything 'Art' worthy. That's art with a capital 'A.' I still do it on occasion. It relaxes me when I'm uncritical about it. I'm amazed by people who can somehow pull a beautiful image out of a canvas. It's like magic to me. Your posts are inspiring.

this is so great! even the artistic need an artistic outlet. it's inspiring too because no one ever starts perfect, but you always have to start somewhere. since it's just for you, are you going to post on the blog?

beautiful work. heather i'm so happy for you - painting is soul food.

like this creative combination between painting art and photo.
I like this creative painting.
Thanks for a interesting post share with us.
I like your blog.

Thanks everyone! Too bad we can't swap brains even for a day. I too wonder if I'll ever be confident taking pictures. It can be frustrating to look at your pictures and think "I'll never be that good" And at the same time they give me something to strive for everyday. See you soon!

These paintings are just beautiful and I think it's wonderful that you've discovered something that is just for you to find joy and relish in. I know what you mean about the negative feelings and I think that it's the cause of why many people don't pursue certain things because they're afraid of not being good enough...myself included.

Glad you're going for it Heather!

Quantify it however you like... I think all weddings need John + Heather + One Love Photo.

Done deal Ally McBeal.

That is beyond cool.

p.s. Susan, the painting is incredible!

you inspire me in so many ways Heather. your talent, your viewpoint, your artistry, your journey. every time i read a poem, view a single photo, i am transported into a place that makes me feel cozy and warm. your sincerity in everything you do, reminds me to just be the artist that i was meant to be, without drawing comparisons. I love that you continue to grow and challenge yourself as an artist, and that you listen to those voices that lead you there.
thanks again, for inspiring me by just being you!

How inspiring! I want to paint a friend's picture of his little girl and give it to his family. This has given me a nudge to actually DO it. Gotta start somewhere, eh? I love the wedding portrait example. What a beautiful interpretation!

wow! that painting is amazing!

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