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April 06, 2010


Om my! I love it.... Morning pages. I started 4 days AGO! Love it. Although, my writing skills are sub par :-)

Love! The little succulents on the cake platter - what an adorable idea. You guys can add 'interior designer' to your long list of creative abilities!

Aw, this is so awesome! It always feels so good to make a "me" space. It's posts like this that make me want to be your best friend. In a non-creepy way, I promise :)

cute cute cute! :)

*heart* the cafe and decor. and the espresso sippers are pretty cute too. :) what a lovely spot to dream, create, or... sip coffee. enjoy! xoxo

I saw that couch at Ikea the other day & it looks so great in your space. What a great idea for a breakfast nook :)

I love it!! (and love morning pages...I have been neglecting mine...maybe this will inspire me to get back to it!)

cafe heather looks divine. the bright colors and vibrant textures...*sigh* you must get a lot of great dreaming done in there.

you are just too cute :)

Fun! I'm so stopping by for a latte. Good work!

i am absolutely adoring this lovely space in your home! i see you spending more than just coffee time in there.. unless the rest of your house is just as amazing, because from the looks of the kitchen, it probably is! such a fun and inspiring home! LOVE IT! :)

i. want. your. house. PLEASE!!! :) so so so adorable, and so so so what i'm looking for in a dream house. jealous. :)

That couch is so awesome. Your door is pretty rockstar too.

Oh it's darling, Heather!! Your house looks like it's so sweet + has so much character! And I am DYING over your adorable couch! Beautiful work! xoxox

Love it! Those colors are a sight for sore eyes. :) And the apron is super cute too! :)

Looks like a wonderful time of year... sigh. Delightful.

Your house is about the same age as our apartment, I love that era of homes.

Very cute! Love the colors. I am slightly jealous. I love older homes. Loving your sink area! We're home shopping now.. I hope to find a 1920s-30s home in need of some love.

So bright and cheerful! Nice work :). And that's so exciting you're doing the Artist's Way. I went through that several years ago, and still do the pages nearly every day. I think my brain would explode without them ;).

Oh, i must stop by and get a late from cafe heather! Love what you did with the nook. Now you can enjoy your garden from the inside:)

SOOO cute! I'm lovin it! Are you going through the Artist's Way?! I'm about to start it! Do you love it?

I like your shelf decor! Reminds me of my little kitchen. Kitchens weren't very big before the 1950's :)

Oh, it looks soooo cosy and bright! And the green on the walls is so perfect and spring-like... mmmmm :)Congratulations on your new nook :)

Lovely. So you.

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