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April 01, 2010


Inspired from your image? No. Copied? Yes. That's YOUR composition, YOUR subjects, YOUR artistic creation. I love your photos...they take the viewer into another world. The statement in your header about the photos being reason enough to get married is great. I've never wanted a big wedding, but if I ever do have one, it will be so that I can have photos!


Sorry...I have nothing more eloquent to say. Just... WOW.

This is absolutely fantastic! It makes my heart happy!

I think your photograph more than inspired the painting. Fantastic photograph and you are very modest, I would give you co-credit for the artwork :) Glad I stumbled on to your blog.

I was searching for images and this one, unrelated to my search popped up:

Leading me to your blog. For some reason I couldn't find it on here or discover where it was photographed.

Wow! That is absolutely fantastic!!!

This is really cool. I love how the painting has the exact dimensions as your original photo.

Just fantastic!

this is absolutely stunning! both the painting and the portrait!

this is super neat! would love to see this in painting..well all your work, really!

That is so cool. I want to take some painting lessons too. And drawing.

amazing. your work does bode well for paintings!

To say I was inspired is an understatement! Thanks heather for your beautiful photography, I'm a total addict.

The details in the chair and bowl are incredible!

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