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November 16, 2009


Wow! this is so cool like it so much. :0


This picture is such a tease!!! Its amazing! I check everyday to see if you have posted anymore! :p Thank you so much for making the trip up here! It was so much fun working with you guys!!! THANK YOU!!!!

I love this sooooo much! Magical indeed :)

Just stunning & what a lovely poem. As always, I'm amazed...

What a dreamy picture, Heather. Beautiful!

wow...that must of been so magical. thanks for sharing the poem.

truly one of the most beautiful wedding photographs...lovely.

ca i just say how much i love it here! you do it perfectly!

oooh! It's great. I love it.

Wow!! That is one awesome picture!! I love the snow effect... it's beautiful!!!

I can't believe you were shooting in my hometown! This absolutely beautiful.

wow. this is magic! looking forward to see the rest of this set. I love snow!

this is why i love your work! pure magic in every image!!

I love this image guys...

wow. that't beautiful! i've always wanted to shoot a wedding in alaska.

Oh this is just so stunning!

ooooooooooo...prettty! even though we are crossing our fingers for sunshine, it does have a tendency to snow in Flagstaff in May...but this looks lovely and I wouldn't mind if it snowed on our day :-)

Amazing!!! The colors are so lovely. I've never seen snow I'm really looking forward to the rest of this set. :)

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