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July 28, 2009


Beautiful work... I just love the emotion your images provoke!

What a lucky class to have you take their photos! These are wonderful shots (as always!!) It seems as if you have captured their youth and their personalities through the photos.

Such amazing images! Can't wait for your interview. :)

great tonal colour and very organise blog

I love the image of the girl sitting in the green chair. Her hat is very cool. Looked like you were having fun with them!

These are so great! And Oh SO much better than your typical school photo!

Love em, Lady!

I especially love the one of Jasper in the foreground being nothing but cool and his two badass female accomplices watching his back.

lovely, they are all beautiful beautiful photos.

These are so beautiful! I am Morgan's mother and Susan's friend and I want to thank you for capturing so much of the spirit of this class! Your work is ethereal and hard, classic and edgy, clean and complicated all at the same time. There's a vintage, nostalgic feeling here, which is perfect for what we are/they were feeling.

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