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March 01, 2009


LuV how you tell a Story.....

- Cairenn

amazing, amazing! this collection is so good.

You wicked awesome rhymer, you!!

Great post! I love this couple - and their photos!

Lovely, big fan of the pink dress!
The chapel is also absolutely adorable and charming.

Sigh. Again, you manange to snag the coolest couples getting married. And capture everything beautiful in the process.

Your poetic captions were the perfect bit of sweetness I needed this Monday morning. And the photos, as always, magic! :-)

The shot of them by the garage door with the umbrella is so cute! And I love the colors.

What a great post Heather! Glad you're back in town...we should all totally grab happy hour somewhere and catch a movie at the Grand Cinema sometime...

Amazing. Very touching.. I love her pink dress. Beautiful day, beautifully captured.

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