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March 24, 2009


oh my! you truly are amazing at what you do...i want you take pictures of me and my family!!!

Absolutely gorgeous!! I am inspired! (and totally jealous!!).


P.S. I met you awhile ago when you did headshots for my law firm and I found your blog :)

These are amazing.. wow

Firstly, I love the fact that you were working on this when you should be packing--that is so me this week!
Secondly, I'm thinking about starting an "I love everything Heather Gilson" fan club. I'd be the president.
You are amazing, I hope you have a great trip, friend...can't wait to catch up when you come home!

I love that there is such texture to this one. Well done!

Oh my gosh!!! This is beautiful! I love EVERYTHING you do! All of your artwork and photography is amazing, I have never seen anybody else that can compare.

Speechless. What a stunning work of art. I just watched a 7 minute long video today on the power of exploring and giving time to our creative sides. It was very inspiring just as your friends words are! Vaya con Dios!

Oh my goodness, Heather - that collage is beautiful beyond words! You are a true artist through and through.

Espero que tengan un viaje maravilloso en Mexico. Hasta pronto!


That collage is BEYOND AMAZING!I can only dream to be so creative.I'm really jealous right now.

That is just so awesome. How beautiful.

I love your collages! And what great insight about art and artists. I think that's what I love so much about art; the fact that every piece is uniquely from the heart of the artist.

this is truly amazing artwork and beautiful! You are amazing... also love what you said here... off to create some art now!

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