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August 20, 2008


Holy cow this is awesome!!! what a great capture... he's even rockin' some tats! Love it!

SO AWESOME...i love the way this photo made me feel! You are so good at what you do!

I just laughed out loud - in that really endearing sort of way... I LOVE this what an awesome capture!


Love this picture :)


is precious!

wow. I LOVE it :)....just makes me feel good! :) oh and the lighting is to die for.

how awesome is that!!? love it!!! the colors and the fun are rockin!

love love this. what a mood and story in one photograph.
thanks for stopping by my blog and posting the nice compliments, i perused through blog and was also very impressed. great work!

awesome. so sweet.

i was gonna say i love this photo but somehow that doesn't seem enough...i "feel" this photo.
your little guy gives off a lot of wisdom for his young years. it's cool he can play guitar, my baby (still my baby even though she's 9) learned to play this summer..."snake charmer" is her favorite

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