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August 14, 2008


that second shot is just awesome!

Ok, where do I begin. First, thank you for commenting on my blog! I am flattered.

Second, I am only posting a comment here because I would literally be all night commenting on your blog! your beautiful work has kept me up at least an extra hour tonight! I look at a lot of photography and I must say that there is SO MUCH LOVE in your images. What a testament to how you relate to your subjects!

I am glad to have found 'you' and I will most certainly be back.


chuck (anerino originals)

I blogged about this wedding on my wedding blog, as well. Mostly because I was beyond jealous of what they ended up doing. It is truly my dream wedding. We are getting married next weekend and although our wedding has spiraled in to something quite a bit bigger than Ember and Ben's, our two little girls will still be there, so will our close friends and family, and it's going to be amazing none-the-less :)

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