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May 20, 2008


Heather, this room is gorgeous. Do you scrapbook too, or just make collages?

This is totally something out of a inspiring!!! I am glad you chose to post it. Nate would NEVER clean up my crap as a sweet gesture. He might clean it up, but I would hear about it for weeks! I am going to have Nate read what Jon does and see if it sinks in at all!!! ~Haaaa

Wow - such a fun space! I'm very inspired - I've been trying to photograph some of my vintage finds indoors, and they just never seem to be quite right. I think I need a better camera!

What a great space to create in! I have the same problem, and my husband lovingly helps me each time it gets to be too much. :) Aren't we lucky?

Thank you everyone! Such sweet encouraging words. I have started a project and am making a good mess! Domino, really? That made my day, I love that magazine!

Wow! Such a cute and organized room. I wish I had as much taste as you ha. but also glad there is a great photographer to do the room justice =)

This is like design porn! I feel like I'm looking at a room pulled out of Domino. Love the creativity and the fun use of your great little objects. Very inspiring!

Heather, I LOVE the pics of your bright and sassy room! It has such a fresh, light and happy look and begs to played in. Now, go mess it up! ;)

Super sweet of your hubby to clean if for you too... enjoy the "new" digs.

So gorgeous! And you are so not nerdy! Thanks for sharing. I'm totally inspired to strip down a dresser I have that some vintage store painted white and I'm totally sick of. Yours is so cute. I also love the little birdie on the cake stand. Your room just screams out for inviting girlfriends over for a fun craft day!

Oh, and I checked out your collages that you left a note about on my Amy Butler post. Love them! Whether with a camera and film or the more immediate tangible materials of fabric, scraps, paper, and other ephemera, you are just so talented with color and layout. Love your work, and thanks for sharing!

i love the splashes of color--it looks great! i think i am on the other end of the spectrum: neat freak to the max. i don't know which one is better...but i try not to get too crazy now that i have a 7 month old :) i do however love how wonderful it feels to have a nice and tidy room!

Nooo, you're not nerdy for posting pics of your room... you're BRILLIANT! As you were inspired by Sally Jean, I am inspired by YOU :) Although I don't have my own 'room' to redo, I have a space that needs some serious attention. Your ribbon/lace trim jar is something I've always drooled over at IKEA, but didn't know what to put in it. I love that you can 'see' your treasures (which will help keep it organized). Good on ya! LOVE IT.

It looks fabulous! Thanks for sharing a peek. :)

Beautiful! I can't wait to see it in person. My favorite is the dresser. It totally stands out, yet blends in perfectly. So glad you saved it! I cannot wait to finish my studio next year. Don't let "keeping your room clean" stop you from being creative! It's always fun to clean up and enjoy dinner in your room by yourself. Especially when you know where everything goes. :)

It isn't strange at all to post pics of the room! We love it. May I please have that cake stand and that dresser- you were going to get rid of it anyway!!!
Really- it is lovely and so sweet that husband would clean it for you and encourage your creativity.
I have been working on my room as well, I got enough done to really help me creatively ( maybe sally jeans book pushed me too. ) I still have a corner to tackle, I have not figured out what that corner is to be yet.... fabric or paper?? Perhaps this weekend-
Congrats on your lovely space.

LOVE the room! I like the grouping or plant's on the cake stand, I totally have to steal that idea becuase I have a ton of cake stands! Also love the lamp, Lady picture and turquiose mirror.

I have a mess craft room that i've been meaning to clean, it's not nearly as cool as your's but maybe if I spiffy it up a little I can actually get some work done in it! =)

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